Some foods are good just for humans. When you are thinking a favor your pet, you may harm it. The animal lovers are wondering which foods are harmful to the pet. Because some foods are in your refrigerator are so harmful to your pets even though they are very nutritive for you. Especially most affected pet are dogs. Let’s check it.

Chocolate, Tea, and Coffee

These are one of the most using foods in daily life. Even some people are crazy about them. But this situation is not the same for our cute friends. Chocolate includes a matter called theobromine. Also tea and coffee include caffeine. These matters can affect the dog’s cardiovascular system and nervous system. The damages are really huge. So you should not give them to your dog even a small amount of.

Every Food Including Sugar

The sugar can harm to dog’s teeth and can cause to diabetes. This is the most separately mistake by the animal lovers. Also, the sugar can affect blindness and it can really harm to internals.

Milk and Milk Products

This is the most confusing one. Lactose in your milk can cause some discomfort those results in gas, indigestion, and diarrhea in your little friend. The same is true of our cat friends also. To avoid such inconvenience, be careful that your milk is free of lactose to be consumed.

Raw Eggs

The enzyme called avidin blocks absorption of the B7 vitamin. In case of lack of B7, there will distortions in feather and skin health in your dog. Meanwhile, the salmonella bacteria in the raw eggs can cause poisoning to your pet.

Raw Meat and Raw Fish

Raw meat and raw fish may contain bacteria that can lead to food poisoning. If your pet is fed with raw fish, “Thiamin (B1 Vitamin)” deficiency is seen. Thiamin deficiency can lead to epilepsy and appetite. And if it continues can cause really serious health problems.

Sausage and Salami

Interesting but these foods are including many spices, protein, and fat. We are really good at digesting them but it is not the same as for our dogs. If you are regularly using these foods for your pet it can cause vomiting and diarrhea. Also, some chemicals in these foods can increase the risk of cancer.

These foods are just some of them. But there is a lot of food that harmful to our dogs. We should be careful.

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